As your personal Colour Consultant in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains, we bring harmony into your home.

Colour can be considered the most important ingredient in the interior and exterior design process, having significant impact on mood and well-being. In addition to personal preference, your colour scheme choice is impacted by the proportions of a space and the throw of light in a room and consideration needs to be given to intensity and tone of the final selection.

At Astute Interiors we can develop a personal colour palette for you that creates flow and unity, beginning externally and continuing throughout.

Terry works as a Inspirations/Dulux Paint Colour Designer and her skill is in developing co-ordinated interior and exterior colour schemes for any room, home or space. This may simply mean refreshing the colour of your home by choosing paint colours to go with all the existing furniture and décor or it may be that she develops an entirely new colour palette.  Our colour consultation will take into consideration the mood you are looking to create and the style of your home.

How does our colour consultation process work?

Colour Consultation: An in-depth meeting will take place at your home lasting approximately 1-1.5 hours to understand what you are hoping to achieve and determine your desired outcome. Colour psychology is employed to ensure the colours are appropriate for the use of the space and the users of the space. You will receive

  • Specification report on the products and colours required
  • Redemption voucher ($1 per litre up to $100) for Dulux premium paint
  • Colour swatches
  • Most importantly, complete confidence in your final colour selection!

Full Colour Package: Following the initial discussion, you will have the opportunity to go a step further where Terry can provide a complete colour specification tailored to your specific requirements. Includes:

  • An in home initial colour consultation
  • A document package containing:
    • A detailed written design brief taken from the general consultation
    • Paint schedule and finishes
    • Painters copy of paint schedule
    • A4 colour samples to help you visualise the final outcome and for use when shopping for furniture or accessories



In home Colour Consultation:     $292.50 – 1.5 hours (as specified by Dulux)
                                                        $195.00 per additional hour – charged in 15 minute increments
Colour Consultancy Package:      $495

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