Are you in the process of building or renovating and finding that you are being asked to make all sorts of decisions on tiles, flooring, kitchen splashbacks, benchtops etc? So many questions – it’s all so hard to bring the scheme that you have in mind together so that your new space is going to be coordinated and reflect who you are.

Here’s where we come in. At Astute Interiors we love working with clients and builders to bring your vision to life. Let us take the pressure off you so that your journey is an enjoyable experience.


We are also happy to work with small to medium builders as your expert on colour and surface finishes. This may be an additional service offering to clients which could set you apart from your competitors. If you are looking to improve your client experience by having a colour designer as part of your offer, please give us a call to discuss.


DESIGNER RATES: Payable at the time of consultation

Initial In home Consultation:                        $195 per hour or part thereof – minimum 1.5 hours (292.50)
Further work is on a quotation basis:         $175 per hour

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